Dimple Square Sushi Character Enamel Pin

Created by Dimple Square

show off your love of your favorite sushi

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On to the Stretch Goals!
6 months ago – Wed, Jun 02, 2021 at 01:18:06 AM

Thank you!

Just wanted to thank you all for your support as we have already hit the initial goal. Since then we have been working with our production to finalize the design and began on the first phase of production. We're hoping to get our first 3 designs made within the next couple of weeks and hopefully show you all the quality as we get closer to wrapping up the campaign.

We got a few pictures from the production to share with you guys

can't wait to see how these come out!!!
we're adding our logo on the back of the pins this round!

Stretch Goals

So this is where it gets interesting. We are going to conintue to promote the campaign and keep you guys posted on our progress. We aren't going to stop short on unlocking all 11 designs - We just can't wait to see them all put together on the board. So this is where we need you can help - by helping us spread the words - we'll have a much higher chance of success reaching our ultimate goal of unlocking all the designs.

Here's the link to share:


Etsy Store

We've also revamped our Etsy store. We're going to continue listing all our pins from previous campaign(s) there until they're sold out. 

We have a 10% coupon code for you to thank you for supporting our campaign.

Etsy Store with 10% off